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Our Cup of Excellence auction has started

Cup of Excellence: The auction has started.

Location says something, but so does the auction price and that coffee was not bought by the Japanese also say something.

The one that was the same as our Cup of Excellence coffee was acquired by the Japanese coffee company TOA COFFEE Co., Ltd. headquartered in Tokyo. The company was the first of all Japanese companies to buy cup of excellence at auction. Today, the Japanese buy what they come across from good coffee, so we take it as a stamp of quality for the coffee we bought before the Cup of Excellence competition. 

Our lot is as big as the One Toa Coffee Co bought for $8,700 in the Cup of Excellence auction. 223,90 NOK per Kg.

The auction starts at NOK 6,750/30 Kg bag

“Exclamation Price” is the same as Toa Coffee Co. Ltd. paid in the auction. You can bid for 1 to 5. bags of 30 kg. Shipping cost not included.

The deadline for submitting bids is April 15, but we reserve the right to sell before that, if we believe a bid is reasonable.

Grading coffee is not 100% objective, but our fixed Q-grader, João Luiz de Oliveira Neto has given this coffee a score of 89.75. Slightly above the average score from COE that was 88.15, but João is an experienced referee from cupping competitions where he judges Q-graders.

It is often personal opinion, but there is little doubt that this will be among the best one can get from coffee in Norway beyond the spring. 

COE Sensory Analysis _Sorze4

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