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14. September 2019
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24. September 2019
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Our catalogue for Anuga is ready

When we for one of our brands have an artistic name. The surname of one of our founders is Münch, and she accounts for much of the product development for us. When she makes something others have never created before, it is not just science, there is also some art and creativity included in the picture. For what she does is not written in the book.

It puts some pressure on us that at short notice will make a product presentation for the Anuga trade fair, where we will stand occasionally many of the world’s largest producers. If not at the height of the best products, we have tried to give the presentation a creative and artistic touch. All images were created for the purpose. Probably we will get into the Münch museum, eventually. Not on the wall, but certainly in the café (if they are to have one such). We have something in all Norwegian stores from before, so why not there?

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