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We are the best when it comes to sugar-free products

Sorze4 AS is a Norwegian limited company that was founded in 2010 by Claudia Münch-Yttereng and Jan Yttereng. Since then, the company has grown and expanded its portfolio from selling instant coffee to TINE's iced coffee, to developing many sugar-free products with the natural sweetener JustSweet, which was developed by Claudia Münch at Sorze4. Products from Sorze4 AS is available in more than 20 countries.

Sustainable, environmentally friendly and innovative

Sorze4 AS sees itself as an innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly company. The company is a member of Grønt Punkt in Norway and Grüne Pfunkt in Germany. Sorze4 AS gives consumers who prefer their products a healthier choice than what they get with products sweetened with sugar and artificial sweeteners. Sorze4  also has other products such as the drinks with the trademark The Amazon Secret® and coffee that is also sold in countries outside Norway (green coffee beans).

Sorze4 AS is proud to be Norway's largest supplier of instant coffee, including the one used in TINE's iced coffee. You can find it in all Norwegian stores

Authorized Importer to Brazil

Importing foodstuffs into Brazil requires a special authorization, where a medically related education is required. Sorze4 is through its branch in Brazil, Claudia Münch Produtos Funcionais Ltda. authorized and can declare and import to Brazil.

We have small and large customers in Norway, Europe, Asia and South America

Sorze4 AS is a leading producer of healthy and natural sweeteners, and JustSweet is one of their most popular products. JustSweet is a natural and prebiotic sweetener developed by Claudia Münch at Sorze4 AS. It is a healthier alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners, and it has become a great success in Norway and abroad.

JustSweet sold in Norwegian health food stores, including Sunkost, and exported to many countries around the world. Sorze4 AS has entered into a collaboration with Universal Commerce Ljubljana doo in Ljubljana, which is the general distributor for JustSweet in the Balkan countries, Italy and Austria. JustSweet is also available in Brazil, Singapore and Hong Kong.

In Brazil, several food producers have experienced that the sale of their products such as sugar-free jams and chocolates has become very popular after they started using JustSweet as a sweetener.


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Safe number: NO01377548


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