New sweetener for coffee drinks

JustSweet® is excellent as a natural low-calorie substitute for sugar. Even so, there have always been some challenges in relation to sweetening coffee, which contains many acids that react with it JustSweet, if you use a little too much. There have never been similar challenges in other foods where sugar has been replaced JustSweet. Then it always tastes like sugar.

Iced coffee is a popular drink and when we are going to develop sugar-free coffee drinks for one of the world's largest food companies, we thought it best to solve this "challenge".

A little more expensive, but as the quantity required is small, it is not relevant and we have now developed a 100% natural sweetener that tastes like sugar, also in coffee. Both hot and cold.

For alternative synthetic products, there are other challenges in sweetening coffee; aspartame loses its sweetness because it transforms into formaldehyde when heated and sucralose can become toxic when heated to 95°C.


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