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25. January 2019
Our new Instant Coffee
3. April 2019

Low-Cal and Sweet

JustSweet® is excellent as a natural low calorie substitute for sugar. Nevertheless, there have always been some challenges in relation to sweet coffee containing many acids that react with JustSweet, if you use a little. There have never been similar challenges in other foods where one has replaced sugar with JustSweet. Then it always tastes like sugar.

Ice coffee is a popular drink and when we develop sugar-free coffee drinks for one of the world’s largest food companies, we thought it was best to solve this “challenge”.

Slightly more expensive, but since the amount that needs to be small is not relevant and we have now developed a 100% natural sweetener that tastes like sugar, also in coffee. Both hot and cold.

For alternative synthetic products there are other challenges in the sweet coffee; aspartame loses its sweetness because it transforms to form formaldehyde by heat and sucralose can develop to become toxic by heating to 95 °C (203 °F).

This sweetener can of course be used to sweeten any beverage or food, but for other products we recommend JustSweet since the price is lower and the product will be just as good. No difference. It’s only in coffee we have experienced a taste different from sugar, if “too much” is used. Well some like their coffee very sweet.

This product is of course, as JustSweet is, prebiotic.


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