Sugar-Free Brazilian Coconut cake
12. October 2017
Asian Sashimi with Jìangyóu soy sauce
18. October 2017

Late October (2017), we travel to Minnesota to meet US food distributors. One of America’s largest distributor of juices and drinks to hotels, nursing homes, defense and schools comes to Minnetonka to meet us. From USA, Canada, and the Caribbean, they will come to have a look at, and taste our new products. We look forward to it!


Here are some of the companies we meet:

(In alphabetic order)

If you have products you want to export to the United States, Brazil, Canada, Norway, the Caribbean, Slovenia, Italy, Bosnia & Herzegovina, South Korea, Fiji, (and other countries), do  contact us. If you prefer a short call on the phone, or on Skype (use the username scanbras to find us), instead of Email, schedule a “meeting” here


We seek local distributors for these great products


If your company is a distributor in your country, please contact us if this looks interesting!

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