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9. March 2023
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New labelling rules for sugar and fat in Brazil

It is now a year since we had our workshop for around 100 people from 40 food manufacturers in Porto Alegre. Topics at that time were new labeling rules, new taxes for products with high sugar content, and how artificial sweeteners affected the environment. The ice cream producers association in the region was behind the event and sorze4 was an invited speaker.

Many manufacturers might have hoped that the warning about high sugar content and high fat content could disappear in a small text on the back, but as our speaker said 1 year ago, it should be large and clearly visible on the front of the packaging


A high content of sugar – High content of saturated fat.

With the new product labeling rule, a popsicle stick should be marked as Nutiretto shown on the left.

Obviously, this has an impact in terms of what consumers buy and what they avoid. In any case, some may think that countries like Norway talk a lot about cutting sugar and fat, but politicians don’t seem to be doing much about it. They may think that a little extra tax will make consumers more aware of the problem, but there are many indications that products should rather be labeled better because it certainly seems to make a difference in other countries such as Brazil.

Ice cream base from sorze4 

Many ice cream manufacturers use artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols (polyols). In Brazil, many consumers steer clear of artificial sweetening and polyols presenting other challenges such as stomach ache and intestinal gas in the person who eats it.

Some people are hypersensitive to sugar alcohol and can’t eat products that have a lot of it. 

Sugar gives structure to ice cream and if you take out sugar you have to have an alternative that for most people is sugar alcohols, but unlike other solutions, we do not need the sugar alcohols for the sake of sweetening then JustSweet Solves that problem and then you will use much less of the sugar alcohols which can be troublesome for most people.

The labeling rules apply to all products

 Not only ice cream but also such things as yogurt, sweetened milk products, soft drinks, chocolate, jam…

Therefore, some food manufacturers, such as Petry , buy and replace much more sugar than the authorities’ requirements to avoid new labeling and new taxes. They replaced any added sugar in some of their jams with JustSweet.

Petry sells its products in more than 5,000 stores in Brazil and exports from Brazil.




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