Iced coffee on Copacabana
1. October 2017
JustSweet and Natural
2. October 2017

Not just a new website, but also many new products

New products and products with new design, in new shape and new packaging. We are undergoing a “facelift”, a restructuring of our business activities.

Jiàngyóu™ – Instant Soy sauce

You are probably used to soy sauce like Kikkoman, or something like it. In liquid form.

Jiàngyóu™ is soy sauce in powder form. Less salt. More taste.

JustSweet to a separated company

JustSweet is a big project that requires more than we can handle alone. That’s why it is now, handled by a different company, JustSweet AS, with 4 who work on the project in Norway and 2 + 3 in Brazil.

Amazon Secret from Carioca AS

sorze4 was a shareholder in Carioca AS who developed the trademark, and the products “the Amazon Secret®” – sorze4 have now acquired all rights to the trademark and the products and sold all the shares in the company. The Amazon Secret® product series is now further developed and is now available as dehydrated powder, to mix in water. For those who like to mix their tastes at home. Currently, 10 flavors will be launched in powder form.


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