Mundo Novo 19
25. May 2019
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13. June 2019


Brazilian Specialty Coffee (Mundo Novo 19)


Santa Edwirges


Santo Antônio do Amparo, Minas Gerais, Brasil

Height above sea level:



Varianter (score)

Peaberry (84+)

Sensory profile

Citrus, floral, fruity, creamy and dense body, medium tall and clearer acid, high sweetness. More complex in the profile's upper aromatic areas, but slightly lighter in body than Mundo Novo 19 Premium and Crystal. Good for Espresso.

About Peaberry

Bourbon-Typica gruppe

Mundo Novo is the result of a natural cruise of Bourbon and Typica varieties found in Mineiros do Tiete, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Seeds of the original coffee plants were planted in the municipality of Novo Mundo, today called Urupês, where selection gave rise to the variation Mundo Novo. The variety was discovered in 1943.

Peaberry is not a mutation, but is a variant where the coffee berry only has 1 bean, against normal 2 lying flat against each other. Only from 1-10% of coffee beans on a shrub are peaberries, in Brazil called Moca.

So much more sorting is required to separate peaberries and this prayer is therefore more expensive. It is not uncommon for the sale price of peaberries to be SEK 240 / kg above the corresponding normal bean cost.

Not only because of the look, but also because of it. another complexity and taste profile.


Peaberries are somewhat denser and harder than regular coffee beans of the same type (here Mundo Novo 19). In terms of size it can therefore take a little longer to roast it, but in return you get a different taste profile.

Fazenda Santa Edwirges


Fazenda Arco Íris is located south-west in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.

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