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25. May 2019
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Mundo Novo 19

Brazilian Specialty Coffee


Santa Edwirges


Santo Antônio do Amparo, Minas Gerais, Brasil

Height above sea level:



Variation (score)

Crystal 14/16 (82+), Premium 17/18 (83+), Peaberry (84+)

Sensory profile

Citrus, floral, fruity, creamy and dense body, medium-high acidity, high sweetness. Noticeable notes typically Mundo Novo.

Om Mundo Novo 19

Bourbon-Typica group

Mundo Novo is the result of a natural mix of Bourbon and Typica varieties found in Mineiros do Tiete, São Paulo, Brazil. Seeds of the original coffee plants were planted in the municipality of Novo Mundo, today called Urupês, where selection gave rise to the variation Mundo Novo. The variety was discovered in 1943.

The first selections of Mundo Novo in Brazil were made between 1943 and 1952. Mundo Novo has been distributed to farmers in Brazil since 1952. New committees were distributed by IAC in Brazil beginning in 1977. The variety is of major commercial importance in Brazil and other South American countries, including Peru, but are not much used in Central America.

Fazenda Santa Edwirges


Fazenda Sta. Edwirges has the same owner as Arco Iris and is located south-west in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.

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