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29. January 2020
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5. March 2020
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JustSweet | Sweetener without calories

A 200 mg portion pack is as sweet as 2 sugar cubes, 5 grams of sugar, but has 0 kcal compared to the sugar’s 20 kcal.

A perfect sweetener for coffee, tea and other drinks

JustSweet Premium we’ve filled in portion packs. Perfect for coffee, tea, or other drinks you want to sweeten, because unlike other sugar substitutes, JustSweet tastes like sugar. No weird synthetic flavors and no stomach ache that you can get from sugar alcohols (polyols).

JustSweet is 100 natural!

No ingredients produced by genetically modified bacteria (as aspartame). No synthetic drugs to cover unpleasant side-flavors. Not toxic when heated (sucralose) and is 100 biodegradable. Some of the synthetic sweeteners go through the body, and into nature. Because they are not biodegradable, they become like an invisible pollution that accumulates in nature.

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JustSweet contains prebiotic dietary fiber that is considered good for the digestive system. Has no GMO-modified ingredients. Is Gluten-free!

JustSweet also does not contain polyols (sugar alcohols), or lactose commonly used in stevia based sweeteners.

Zero calories in the sachet

Cutting calories can be smart for many people. For those who are on a diet, but also those who are not on a diet can benefit from using JustSweet. The prebiotic dietary fiber is something the good gut bacteria love. 1 gram every day for 4 weeks then you will 6-fold the number of good gut bacteria!

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