Asian Sashimi with Jìangyóu soy sauce
18. October 2017
Ice Cream – 50% Sugar reduced
20. October 2017

Natural sweetener – No sugar added.


400g of frozen raspberries
200g of sugar, replaced with;
1,5g of JustSweet

Put the ingredients in a blender, or blend it the way you want.


200 of total 200g of sugar was replaced.
A calorie reduction close to 800 kcal.


JustSweet works well with all types of fruits and berries. The sweetness will vary. JustSweet is a synergistic sweetener that enhances the sweetness of the ingredient it is mixed with. In raspberries it appears to be 130 times sweeter than sugar. This may vary from fruit to fruit. There is not one fixed reference number for the sweetness when JustSweet is mixed in fruits and berries.

Note that fruits and berries naturally contain sugar, so technically, the jam will be; «natural sweetened, no sugar added». In red berries, sugar is preventing oxidation – JustSweet is not an antioxidant, so to preserve the color, stored jam must be frozen.

If you have diabetes; control your intake of jam, also when it’s sweetened with JustSweet. All fruits and berries do contain natural amounts of sugar. Glucose, fructose or both. A jam made with JustSweet will have only the natural sugar from the berries/fruits.

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