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JustSweet Kosher – כָּשֵׁר

In our company JustSweet™ we don’t make Ice Creams

Actually, we do, but we don’t sell Ice Cream. We make ice cream recipes for some of the biggest Ice Cream producers in Brazil, but we don’t distribute Ice Cream. We sell the sweetener they will be using in the Ice Cream, so that they can reduce the calories, significantly. If someone want a full package; ready sweetened mix to make ice cream, soft ice, we can of course do that. One of the World’s largest dairy companies are both a “partner” and customer of sorze4 AS.

Not only for Ice Cream

No not only for Ice Creams. We do reformulations for one of the World’s biggest distributors of bakery products.

JustSweet™ will not change any product from being “kosher”, to “treif” (non-kosher)

JustSweet™ is 100% natural and only of vegetable origin. That means it can also be vegan and vegetarian. For diabetics JustSweet™ is the perfect sweetener. It’s Gluten free!

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