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Jìangyóu soy sauce a new taste experience

A bit strange is that you can find your own product at Brazilian restaurants, but not in Norway (but is coming soon).

There are not only many practical reasons why many choose our portion packed soy sauce in powder form and it is not just on sushi you can use this soy sauce that was originally made for a Japanese restaurant chain in Brazil (you know how it is with the Japanese, only the best is good enough and this one is the best!)

You can mix it with water and get a traditional soy sauce, but the new taste experience lies in using it as a spice. Whether it is on meat to be fried / grilled, or on sushi.

Since our soy sauce is traditionally brewed, it does not contain hydrolyzed soy and is therefore guaranteed to be free of 3-MCPD.

This product is being packaged for Norway and Europe now. First it will be available online and for restaurants. Then it will be available in supermarkets.

You can read more about our soy sauce here…

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