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Is it possible to make a natural Sprite® with no sugar?

To remove the sugar is not really a challenge when JustSweet is available, and it taste like sugar, but isn’t, so getting the right lime flavor, acidity, and making it stable is the only challenge.

Using the Amazon Secret® principals, method, going 100% natural when it comes to selection of ingredients, which for the Sprite® copy meant 5% lime juice.

Why did we make a “Sprite®”?

Just to prove that naturally sweetened products, sweetened with JustSweet™ will taste identical as the sugar sweetened version of the same product.

How many calories? 2-3 where a sugar sweetened soft drink version have 200.

If we can make it taste like a Coca-Cola Classic? Probably, yes…. We didn’t have any phosphoric acid so we couldn’t make it now, so it will have to be done later.

The brown beverage is the sugar free “Amazon Secret®” also natural, sweetened with JustSweet® – Taste identical to the sugar version that sold 6 times more than Red Bull® in 7-Eleven in Norway. More information about the Amazon Secret® on this site and on

Sprite is a Trademark of the Coca-Cola company.


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