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25. July 2018
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2. October 2018

Nutritious-Content-Chantilly-allroundWe were challenged by one of the world’s largest companies specializing in selling products to bakers. They asked if we were able to make a Chantilly cream without added sugar, with a taste as good as their own cream that was with sugar!

We took it 2 steps further and made 3 flavors. Not just the Marshmallow that they had before.


Low calorie

Comparable to the “Old fashioned way” you make cream on; By just counting the cream calories, this product has 68% less calories. In addition, if you count on calories from sugar, and you use 200 ml of skim milk, per 60 g base (powder), the calorie reduction estimated at 90%.

Without fat*

* As meaning; Free of fat before adding milk of your choice. Using one skim milk with 1% fat, the reduction will be 99.8%, compared to the cream made of cream.

No Added sugar!

This product has no added sugars. The carbohydrates are prebiotic, from our natural sweetener JustSweet and a root (vegetable) one began to use in western, central Brazil, over 10.000 years ago. We can therefore be sure that it is safe to consume 

Cassava is an important nutrient source in developing countries, providing a basic diet for over half a billion people. 

Vegan-only when you want it!

This Chantilly base can be mixed with most types of milk. Cow’s milk, whole, skim, or light.  Soy milk, oatmeal, you can use almost any type of milk. We have also used goat milk!

Fiber content exceeds recommended daily intake

It does so when the EU regulation to declare nutritional facts be followed (declared per 100 g), but it is doubtful that anyone can eat the cream one can make of 100 grams, almost 2 liters of cream! Should one fall for the temptation then it may be comforting to know that the human diet after the Ice Age consisted of approx. 120 g dietary fibre, every day.

Fiber is important

According to UCSF Health (University of California San Fransisco) A fiber of high fiber seems to reduce the risk of developing various conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, diverticulary disease, constipation and colon cancer. Fiber is important for the digestive system and to lower cholesterol. Water-soluble fibers absorb water during digestion. They increase stool bulk and can reduce blood cholesterol levels. Soluble fibers can be found in fruits (such as apples, oranges and grapefruit), vegetables, legumes (such as dry beans, lentils and peas), barley, oats and sea bran. Carbohydrates in this product are mainly water soluble fibers.

How much fiber do you need every day?

“American Heart Association Eating Plan” suggests that you eat a variety of food fiber sources. Total Dietary fibre intake should be 25 to 30 grams daily from food, not dietary supplements. 10.000 years ago, the fibre intake was around 120 grams per day.

How can you increase your dietary fibre intake?

UCSF Health has listed some recommendations, but we can “recommend” 2 tiles with cream. Baked with JustSweet of course. It is almost so that one can say that our Chantilly cream, together with JustSweet make soft cake for health foods!




JustSweet Inside means that this product does not have artificial sweeteners, polyols (sugar alcohols), or added sugars. 

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