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23. March 2022
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14. April 2022

It may look like a holiday trip…

But that is not the case when we travel from 28 April to 4 May to what for many is a holiday destination. Poreč Croatia where we meet our distributor for the Balkans, Austria and Italy, Univerzal commerce Ljubljana d.o.o.

Our prebiotic natural low-calorie sugar substitute has been available in Balkan countries such as Slovenia and Croatia since before the pandemic. The launch took place just before the pandemic took control of the world, so we never got the opportunity to run the marketing we wanted with sampling in supermarket chains like Interspar.

JustSweet is an environmentally friendly alternative to sugar

If we assume that sugar is not always healthy, we could say that it is a healthier alternative, but health claims require prior approval from EFSA, if they are to be used in the EU / EEA.


To say that JustSweet is more environmentally friendly than artificial sweetener is no exaggeration

Research documents that artificial sweeteners can stop photosynthesis in plants, which could cause a problem for food production in agriculture and for algae that are at the bottom of the food chain in the oceans. Algae are food for small fish…

Research shows that artificial sweeteners are the new invisible pollutant. We can clean the oceans of plastic, but how can we clean the oceans of sucralose that will still be there for at least 10 years after it has been consumed and released.

If it is interesting to know more about how such sweeteners pollute, you can read more about it in a post here on our website.

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