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Manufacturers have a special responsibility to ensure that the packaging of their products is not thrown away and pollutes nature. Instead, it must be collected and recycled whenever possible.

German Packaging act

Throughout Europe, the manufacturer of a product assumes producer responsibility for the packaging – not just in terms of eliminating packaging waste, but also of optimizing reuse and recovery of what cannot be avoided. The Verpackungsgesetz ensures that this task is carried out in Germany (Packaging Act).

This is where the Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister (ZSVR) steps in, registering those with producer responsibility, making them public, and fostering openness and legal certainty through its various operations (e.g. data reporting). The ZSVR also analyzes other environmental goals, such as recycling quota compliance and financial support to promote more sustainable packaging.

Our company, sorze4 AS (Inc) is registered with the registration number: DE1297000889324

Brand names under which the manufacturer puts his packaging into circulation are subject to mandatory system participation. We, sorze4 AS 
The declaration that the manufacturer concerned is meeting his take-back duties by participating in a dual system such as Der Grüne Punkt.

The Amazon Secret® and Claudia Münch®

We, sorze4 AS, have registered two of our trademarks for the German market: “The Amazon Secret®”, our sugar-free drinks, a trademark registered in the EU and Brazil, and our trademark for sugar-free products such as JustSweet, Claudia Münch®.

The Amazon Secret® is the largest Norwegian beverage brand in social media with approximately 200,000 likes. Claudia Münch® is the trademark we use on all our sugar-free products, and for JustSweet, which is our 100% natural sweetener that tastes like sugar and can be used wherever you use or used, sugar.

Registered with “Der Grüne Punkt” in Germany

We use the green arrow on our packaging because we are already registered with Grønt Punkt in Norway. It was therefore natural for us to choose a joint company also in Germany because it simplifies the use of our packaging which is marked with the symbol.

What is the purpose of these new responsibilities?

Nowadays, significantly more packaging is collected and recovered separately than is recorded at dual systems. This is due to a variety of factors. Many businesses, particularly small businesses, are unaware of their obligations under the German Packaging Ordinance and the new German Packaging Act (VerpackG). However, with the new guidelines, it will be easy to determine which packaging has been registered (and hence participate in the dual system) and which has not.

The benefit is that the more packaging that participates in the dual system, the larger the financial base is, which means the costs are divided across more shoulders, making it cheaper for a single company. As a result, everyone gains in the long run.

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