Fruit drinks

Fruit drinks

A popular trend

Fruit drinks, made from dried fruit slices, has become an increasingly popular trend. These drinks are added to hot water to restore the fruit and create a tasty, natural drink. Let's explore this trend further:

  1. What are fruit drinks?

    • Fruit drinks are based on dried fruit slices which gives an intense taste when mixed with hot water.
    • They are a great way to enjoy the natural sweetness of fruit without adding sugar.
    • Fruit drinks can be made with various combinations of dried fruit, such as apple, apricot, cranberry and more.
  2. Who likes it?

    • Fruit drinks are popular among people who want one healthy and tasty drink without artificial additives.
    • Those who appreciate natural ingredients and want variety in their drinking habits, find joy in fruit drinks.
  3. Where is it popular?

    • Fruit drinks are common in health food stores, cafes and restaurants.
    • They are especially popular with people who want one low calorie- drink without added sugar.
    • Claudia Münch JustSweet, a natural prebiotic sweetener, can be used by those who want a sweeter taste without affecting blood sugar in normal amounts.

So the next time you want a refreshing and natural drink, try a fruit drink made from dried fruit slices!


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