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27. September 2019
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12. October 2019

Anuga is probably the world’s largest trade fair for food and beverage. Sounds alluring, but there is fierce competition for the buyers and it is very much about standing in the right location. For us, it was not the right place, to be in the Brazilian pavilion, but our people at our production plant in Brazil signed us up.

Hall 3.1 was not the best place to be for us. APEX (Brazil’s counterpart to innovation Norway), perhaps believed that showing up, without good pre-work would be enough, but marketing before the show is almost more important than being there. For food shows like Anuga, it’s not enough to show up and hope for the best. That’s not how it works. Buyers go where they know there are interesting products.

50 stakeholders

50 potential customers isn’t bad and from experience we know that a maximum of 10 will be future customers.

Maybe keep it now, as we are in an entry phase and it may not be wise to gape too loudly. You shouldn’t be too busy.


Not unexpectedly, our natural sweetener was given the most attention, but also our fruit drinks were popular. 


It is now the job starts, with follow-up and direct contact.

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