Coffee tastes better when it's sustainable and fair!

Green Progress

Since 2020.


GHG / ton of coffee produced

Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.


Renewable clean energy (biomass)

Change of energy sources


Waste for recycling or composting


Water consumption

Reduced water consumption


Less emissions

Treatment of wastewater discharged into the environment.


Reuse of water

Through internal reuse system.




Hours invested in training and development in 2020

Turnover: 1.8% per year.
Period of employment (average) for employees: 9.5 years.
Average age of employees: 38.2 years.

Training sessions that covered topics such as: “Ethical behavior and compliance”, “certifications”, “occupational safety”, “good production practice”, among others.


Workers among employees, contractors and interns

60 % of the employees in the age group 30 to 50 years.
15.2% of employees are over the age of 50.
25% of employees are under the age of 30.
44.8% of trainees were hired in 2020.

PLR – Profit Sharing: A practice of handing out to employees part of the results achieved during the year, in recognition of their efforts to achieve established goals.


Employees are covered by collective agreements and incorporated systems for HSE.

Vocational gymnastics is offered to employees at all units.

Lectures to employees and their families on new topics in the field of hygiene, health, and safety.

Sports activities for employees and family include games, internal championships, and physical fitness.