Coffee safari in July 2020
5. March 2020
#STAYHOME, but 12th of June we are in Megamarket Interspar
17. April 2020

Goianaia, Brazil. 17th of March, 2020

Directing the consumers focus away from the COVID virus, towards new products seems like an impossible mission. For that reason we have decided not to launch any new products before the situation is normalized and we can go back to a normal life.

For our employees this means that all, with a few exceptions will be temporary laid off until we are ready to move forward.

People have today a focus on traditional foods, so the only innovation people are interested in these days, are ways to avoid the virus. 

Any of our employees who are facing a financial challenge due to the situation could ask for an advanced salary. We do of course want to keep all our employees, and we want them to return when the crisis is over.

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