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24. August 2022
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Coca-Cola with sucralose in regular Cola (Classic) in Brazil

Next year, Brazil will introduce a tax on all products whose producers do not reduce the sugar content. Apparently, Coca-Cola has found a strategy they thought was appropriate. Reducing the sugar content of regular Coca-Cola and compensating with the environmental pollution sucralose*

So far, they have only done this for Coca-Cola in 2 liter bottles that are often bought by the poor in the country. Not in the smaller ones bought by the more affluent in the population.

No announcement of product changes other than on the back of the ingredient overview, but who expects a product that has been on the market for more than 100 years to suddenly receive artificial sweetening? It’s a bit like when Nidar adds the sweetener Sorbitol to his caramels, a bit like that in secret.

Some may think it is excessively fraudulent when you add artificial sweeteners to a more than 100-year-old product without informing consumers. If you are one of them, please share this post with your friends!

*6 reasons to avoid sucralose…

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