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Claudia Münch Produtos Funcionais – Volta Redonda, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

While others shut down, we opened up...

He probably wonders what this is, Prefeituro Neto, the mayor of the city of Volta Redonda in the state of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

While others shut down, a Brazilian entrepreneur (Claudia) comes from Norway offering much-needed jobs where more people shut down and start something new.

Volta Redonda is a small Brazilian town with 70,000 more inhabitants than Trondheim, Norway, where we are located (sorze4).

Production, packaging and distribution

Claudia Münch Produtios Funcionais is headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, close to Flamengo beach, a few minutes’ drive to the sugar loaf and Copacabana Beach. A small suitable area for food production and storage. Because that’s what they do to the employees of Volta Redonda.

Already, Claudia Munich Golden Waffle has already been deployed to several hundred ice cream parlors owned by major producers such as Rochinha and Gela Boca (et al.). Sugar-free waffle mix, sugar-derived gluten-free ice cream cone mix, vegan waffle. Much of what is not already on the market, but is in demand in Brazil.

Not just in Brazil. Waffles from Claudia Münch Golden Waffles are taken into canteens and eateries at St. Olav’s hospital in Trondheim (Distributed by Golden Waffles AS, Trondheim).

Not just baking products

Claudia Münch Produtos Funcionais also distributes sorze4’s natural sweetener in a market that no longer buys synthetic artificial sweeteners. Some manufacturers hold back, for such things as sucralose are inexpensive. Sucralose is cheaper than sugar in the country with the world’s cheapest sugar. But the big ones who have got their homework know that it’s only a matter of time, so even in big companies like Coca-Cola they want JustSweet. (JustSweet, which will not be sold in Brazil, is produced in Trondheim).

Representatives from Belem in the north to Porto Allegre in the south

In South American countries, perhaps not only there, the culture is perhaps a little more macho, but with Claudia in charge, no difference is made. It’s about who is best suited for the job, so the local administrator is a skilled woman.

The trend was lockdowns, closures, redundancies, but with us was terminated. sorze4 has lent what was necessary so that employees would not lose their income.

12 people work for Claudia Münch Produtos Funcionais.

In addition, some subcontractors that during the pandemic have mostly had Claudia Münch as a customer.

These products come from Claudia Münch Brasil

  • Gluten-free Pizza Bottom (mix)
  • Brazilian cheese bread (mix)
  • Vegan waffle (coconut milk and coconut fat instead of milk and butter)
  • Sugar-free waffle mix
  • Savory pancake and waffle mix

All products with the brand Claudia Münch can be found in the online store.

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