12. March 2022

Naturaltech 2022 | São Paulo, Brazil

It varies from country to country. Some people have a different perception of artificial additives as sugar substitutes.
11. March 2022

Environment and sustainability

We all have a responsibility to preserve the environment and welfare of all people involved in the production of our own and products we source from our partners. That's why we trade with partners who share our values, respect the environment, and above all work when it comes to social inclusion.
11. November 2021

Sugar-free syrup with natural sweetener

They are finished and taste fantastic, but we are not quite sure if the market is in Norway, so we are considering whether to launch here, […]
24. June 2021

Claudia Münch Produtos Funcionais – Volta Redonda, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

When one of the entrepreneurs is from Brazil, it's only natural that you have a department there?
5. March 2020

Coffee safari in July 2020

On Friday morning we travel to Brazil to plan this year’s coffee safari where we take customers and others invited to tour Brazil. We stop at […]
13. January 2020

Shifting away from Sugar

A CLOSER LOOK AT THE TREND Sweetness is a much-loved part of the eating and drinking experience. But many consumers want to cut back on sugar […]