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28. April 2020
Slovenia - resort Lake Bled.

Our products to 10 countries

Slovenia has a special place in our hearts. We were there late 2018, in Ljubljana, with many excursions to sights Slovenia has to offer. Metod, Director […]
23. April 2020

Claudia Münch JustSweet is better for dental health

 IR-Implante Rio is a surgical dental clinic near the world famous beach in RIo de Janeiro, Copacabana. If you have an accident when you’re in Rio, […]
23. April 2020

Surge in Coffee Prices

Consumer demand for packaged coffee rose in March. Weekly sales of the beverage in the United States increased as much as 73% from 2019, according to […]
17. April 2020

#STAYHOME, but in May we are in Megamarket Interspar

If you live in Norway you may still need to use our online store if you are going on a low-carb diet, or try to lose […]
17. March 2020

Corona delays our product launch

Goianaia, Brazil. 17th of March, 2020 Directing the consumers focus away from the COVID virus, towards new products seems like an impossible mission. For that reason […]
5. March 2020

Coffee safari in July 2020

On Friday morning we travel to Brazil to plan this year’s coffee safari where we take customers and others invited to tour Brazil. We stop at […]
2. February 2020

JustSweet | Sweetener without calories

A 200 mg portion pack is as sweet as 2 sugar cubes, 5 grams of sugar, but has 0 kcal compared to the sugar’s 20 kcal. […]
29. January 2020

We’re on Social Media

By far, Amazon Secret is Norway’s largest beverage brand on Facebook® If you were to guess, maybe you would say Coca-Cola, or Pepsi? Then you would be […]
13. January 2020

Shifting away from Sugar

A CLOSER LOOK AT THE TREND Sweetness is a much-loved part of the eating and drinking experience. But many consumers want to cut back on sugar […]
11. January 2020

Fruit and Herbal Extracts

Our catalogue for 2020, for fruit and herbal extracts. We have many exciting and functional ingredients. If you are looking for ingredients, or information about a […]
31. December 2019
New 2020 year with cocoa, marshmallows and sparklers

Our best wishes for you in 2020

May the new year be filled with special moments, warmth, peace, happiness and the joy of being close to your loved ones. We wish you all […]
30. December 2019

Catalogue January 2020

Portuguese English Espanhol Norsk The catalogue appears below this text when loaded – It may take a few seconds. Under the dcatalogue you will find what […]
17. December 2019

New vocalist for Claudia Münch chocolate drink

Not so that we in any way were unhappy with the original singer, but someone said we had to have a woman to sing about Claudia […]
19. October 2019

A reunion with our friends from Equador

Time flies… Six years ago, we looked at potato chips from the Andes. Not because the Norwegian potato was not good enough, but because this was […]
18. October 2019

LUX Life-Food & Drink Awards

If nothing else, a little fun it is to be appointed to the “Best Grocery Product Import & Development Company – Northern Europe” by the English  […]
14. October 2019

UTZ and Micro-lots from Carmo de Minas

We have got the samples to stock and in this week we will cuppe several types of beans, mainly from Carmo de Minas and Serra da […]
13. October 2019

Brazil Tour October 2019

Our staff, MSc Claudia Münch and our Business Manager in Brazil Mario Melendez will tour in Brazil from 15. October, to 30. October. If you are […]
12. October 2019
Fresh juices

Which is the healthiest?

Amazon Secret, Fruity ‘ n Sweet, Juice or soda? We are sometimes asked what the difference is, on our drinks and fruit juices. Our drinks are […]
11. October 2019

Exhausting but useful

Anuga is probably the world’s largest trade fair for food and beverage. Sounds alluring, but there is fierce competition for the buyers and it is very […]
27. September 2019

The Red Ruby is this year’s Christmas coffee from sorze4

Less than 60 years ago, in 1957, the author Agnar Mykles’s work “The Song of the Red Ruby” was banned in the Supreme Court. Today, “the […]
24. September 2019

Amazon Secret Desktop Screen background

Sometimes we want to have a new screen background, or a new log-in screen (Windows). Then we use images that remind us that we have many […]
2. October 2017

JustSweet and Natural

8. October 2017

Chocolate Cookies – 60% less Sugar

60% less sugar, but still the same taste. It is not entirely the case. The sugar must be replaced with something. 1.5 dl sugar was replaced […]
10. October 2017

Apple Pie – 50% less Sugar

Yes, the “baker” reports and says it’s fine! 100 grams of sugar are exchanged with 4 grams of JustSweet, and you get a significant reduction in […]
11. October 2017

Ice Cream – JustSweet – No Sugar

There are many ways to make ice cream at home, and a lot of recipes available online. One you can find on  a very good looking page […]
12. October 2017

Sugar-Free Brazilian Coconut cake

On one of our other websites, the Norwegian site for Café Pelé, we have published a recipe for how to make sugar-free condensed milk and a […]
19. October 2017

JustSweet Raspberry jam

Natural sweetener – No sugar added. Ingredients: 400g of frozen raspberries 200g of sugar, replaced with; 1,5g of JustSweet Instructions: Put the ingredients in a blender, […]