2. October 2017

JustSweet and Natural

8. October 2017

Chocolate Cookies – 60% less Sugar

60% less sugar, but still the same taste. It is not entirely the case. The sugar must be replaced with something. 1.5 dl sugar was replaced […]
10. October 2017

Apple Pie – 50% less Sugar

Yes, the “baker” reports and says it’s fine! 100 grams of sugar are exchanged with 4 grams of JustSweet, and you get a significant reduction in […]
11. October 2017

Ice Cream – JustSweet – No Sugar

There are many ways to make ice cream at home, and a lot of recipes available online. One you can find on  a very good looking page […]
12. October 2017

Sugar-Free Brazilian Coconut cake

On one of our other websites, the Norwegian site for Café Pelé, we have published a recipe for how to make sugar-free condensed milk and a […]
19. October 2017

JustSweet Raspberry jam

Natural sweetener – No sugar added. Ingredients: 400g of frozen raspberries 200g of sugar, replaced with; 1,5g of JustSweet Instructions: Put the ingredients in a blender, […]