23. March 2022

JustSweet on “International Specialised Fairs of Tastes”

This week there’s a lot going on for us. In Europe, JustSweet is presented at Gast Expo, “15th International Specialised Fairs of Tastes” where our distributor […]
19. November 2021

Sustainable Energy

  Energy is a simple term with complex meanings. Cells constantly perform thousands of metabolic reactions necessary to keep the cells and body as a whole […]
5. April 2021

JustSweet Product Information

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26. July 2020

N.OVO – Plant-based egg replacement

N.OVO, or New Egg, whatever you want, this instant product replaces eggs in pastry, pretty much everywhere you could use eggs, except omelettes.  (Product information loads […]
11. January 2020

Fruit and Herbal Extracts

Our catalogue for 2020, for fruit and herbal extracts. We have many exciting and functional ingredients. If you are looking for ingredients, or information about a […]