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18. October 2019
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17. December 2019
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A reunion with our friends from Equador

Time flies… Six years ago, we looked at potato chips from the Andes. Not because the Norwegian potato was not good enough, but because this was a little different and it supported the natives of the potato’s homeland. We took in a bit of it and the sales went by well, but one can not only sell to enthusiastic friends and known and potato chips may not be the most suitable to sell online. In any case, it was not… Until now!

Funny was it in any case that the manufacturer still uses the “advertising post” we created 6 years ago (pictured on this page).

Custom Online sales

 The manufacturer has on 6 years evolved, so it was a cordial and interesting meeting when we met them at Anuga. They stood 50 metres from our stand. Unlike what they had 6 years ago, they currently have distribution centers in Rotterdam, and gaskets adapted to online sales.

Rich in antioxidants

In the photo (above) you see both red and blue potato chips. It’s antioxidants, so this is something completely different than the potato chips you’ll find in the local supermarket. Don’t know if we can call it healthy, but it is in any case healthier to eat antioxidants, than to not do it (with any disclaimer).


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