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We're the people in sorze4 as

Our mission is clear: Becoming the best in what we do, without complicating it
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Jan Yttereng


+47 994 54 313

Nobel Peace Prize leureate, 1988
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MSc Claudia Münch


+47 47 865 958

Masters Degree in Nutrition, Obesity, and Orthorexia.
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Our experience and expertise

Since 2003, we have imported and developed products that are or have been sold in all Norwegian daily stores and for convenience. In particular, we have good expertise in ingredients and natural products from South America.


24. June 2021

Claudia Münch Produtos Funcionais – Volta Redonda, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

When one of the entrepreneurs is from Brazil, it's only natural that you have a department there?
5. April 2021

JustSweet Product Information

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6. March 2021

Our Cup of Excellence auction has started

Cup of Excellence: The auction has started. Location says something, but so does the auction price and that coffee was not bought by the Japanese also […]
26. January 2021

Claudia Münch 2021

Our Claudia Münch 2021 catalog (#1) is ready. Made for our customers in Brazil, but something is also available in other countries. (The catalog is loading […]
22. January 2021

Pão de Queijo | Brazilian cheesebread

The recipe is finished. Only water is added, you form the bread and put it in the oven. Easy and simple. With real cheese Most such […]
21. January 2021

Sugar-free nut and chocolate spread and topping

Not in Norway yet, but it’s coming. First, this will be launched in supermarkets in Brazil, then Canada, then in the largest supermarkets in the Balkans […]


Some information about our products