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Our mission is clear: Becoming the best in what we do, without complicating it

Jan Yttereng


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Nobel Peace Prize leureate, 1988

MSc Claudia Münch


+47 47 865 958

Masters Degree in Nutrition, Obesity, and Orthorexia.

Our experience and expertise

Since 2003, we have imported and developed products that are or have been sold in all Norwegian daily stores and for convenience. In particular, we have good expertise in ingredients and natural products from South America.


5. February 2023

Coffee with milk may have anti-inflammatory properties.

Research indicates that Coffee with milk may have anti-inflammatory properties. To defend us against bacteria, viruses, and other external invaders, our immune systems release white blood […]
26. January 2023

Does Sugar Affect gut Bacteria Diversity?

How can Excessive use of Sugar Effect the Gut Microbiome? Sugar is a good energy source but can cause several health problems. Excessive consumption of sugar […]
26. January 2023

Does Sugar and Sweeteners Cause Environmental Problems?

Environmental problems by sugar production and artificial sweeteners Sugar production and the use of artificial sweeteners are both integral parts of our food system, but they […]
19. January 2023

Top 7 Benefits of Coffee Based on Science

Based On Science What Are the Top 7 Benefits of Coffee? By Jan Yttereng, CEO Sorze4 AS, international coffee judge, and green coffee bean vendor. Are […]
14. January 2023

Cheese bread waffle

Cheese bread is popular in Brazilian coffee shops. There are also ready-made mixers for those who want to make such things at home, but there is […]
23. December 2022

Wishing all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

2022 was a difficult year for many with high inflation, high electricity prices and not least difficult for Ukraine due to Russia’s so-called military operation. Hilde […]


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