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Our mission is clear: Becoming the best in what we do, without complicating it

Jan Yttereng


+47 994 54 313

Nobel Peace Prize leureate, 1988

MSc Claudia Münch


+47 47 865 958

Masters Degree in Nutrition, Obesity, and Orthorexia.

Our experience and expertise

Since 2003, we have imported and developed products that are or have been sold in all Norwegian daily stores and for convenience. In particular, we have good expertise in ingredients and natural products from South America.


17. March 2020

Corona delays our product launch

Goianaia, Brazil. 17th of March, 2020 Directing the consumers focus away from the COVID virus, towards new products seems like an impossible mission. For that reason […]
5. March 2020

Coffee safari in July 2020

On Friday morning we travel to Brazil to plan this year’s coffee safari where we take customers and others invited to tour Brazil. We stop at […]
2. February 2020

JustSweet | Sweetener without calories

A 200 mg portion pack is as sweet as 2 sugar cubes, 5 grams of sugar, but has 0 kcal compared to the sugar’s 20 kcal. […]
29. January 2020

We’re on Social Media

By far, Amazon Secret is Norway’s largest beverage brand on Facebook® If you were to guess, maybe you would say Coca-Cola, or Pepsi? Then you would be […]
13. January 2020

Shifting away from Sugar

A CLOSER LOOK AT THE TREND Sweetness is a much-loved part of the eating and drinking experience. But many consumers want to cut back on sugar […]
11. January 2020

Fruit and Herbal Extracts

Our catalogue for 2020, for fruit and herbal extracts. We have many exciting and functional ingredients. If you are looking for ingredients, or information about a […]


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