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Our mission is clear: Becoming the best in what we do, without complicating it

Jan Yttereng


+47 994 54 313

Nobel Peace Prize leureate, 1988

MSc Claudia Münch


+47 47 865 958

Masters Degree in Nutrition, Obesity, and Orthorexia.

Our experience and expertise

Since 2003, we have imported and developed products that are or have been sold in all Norwegian daily stores and for convenience. In particular, we have good expertise in ingredients and natural products from South America.


11. September 2020

Recommended by Tony Fox, MMA Champion

It is no the smartest to use Norwegian ski stars in advertising campaigns when the market is not in Norway. Marit Bjørgen seems to be a […]
4. August 2020

Amazon Secret Natural Energy

  In connection with sponsoring MMA Champion, Tony Fox,we have created an energy drink that will have what you find in most energy drinks on the […]
26. July 2020

N.OVO – Plant-based egg replacement

N.OVO, or New Egg, whatever you want, this instant product replaces eggs in pastry, pretty much everywhere you could use eggs, except omelettes.  (Product information loads […]
24. July 2020

sorze4 sponsors Tony Fox (MMA Champion)

  We have entered into a sponsorship agreement with Mixed Martial Art Champion Tony Fox (Antonio Roberto da Costa Rodrigues) as 21. (2020) Venator Fighting Championship […]
16. July 2020

sorze4 AS in Rio de Janeiro

With increasing activity in Brazil, we have seen ourselves having an office address in Rio de Janeiro, as well as production in Varginha, Minas Gerais. In […]
26. June 2020

Juliana Siruffo presenting products in Brazil

With the exception of the three smallest Brazilian states, Acre, Roraima and Amapá, our products will be found in 7 Brazilian supermarket chains, 1,450 stores, at […]


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