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Cup of Excellence 2020 | Fazenda Santa Izabel Brazil - sorze4 AS
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9. November 2020
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21. January 2021
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Cup of Excellence 2020 | Fazenda Santa Izabel Brazil

Cup of Excellence 2020

Cup of Excellence is a competition where participants come from all over the world to win honor and glory. You might say that they are also there to get paid well for their best, coffee, which they do, but the coffee you participate in is usually microlots and nanolots, so even if you get paid very well, it is enough to get a place in the Cup of Excellence, what matters most to those who compete.

In November 2020, we visited the Santa Izabel Farm located south of Minas Gerais. The farm has always been recognized for the high quality of its coffee it has won both national and international prizes in competitions. This year they got a good place in the international Cup of Excellence competition and part of this lottery (coffee) was bought by us in sorze4 as.

We have coffee from Santa Izabel in stock

We visit most of the Brazilian coffee plantations we buy coffee from. We visited Santa Izabel in November (2020) and you can read more about that on our website. We received coffee from this farm on Tuesday (December 15) and there will be more in the container with arrival on February 3. Unfortunately, we did not manage to load the Cup of Excellence beans before they closed the container doors today (December 18), so we have to wait until mid-March before we get this coffee in stock.

1793-santa Izabel

Rank 17
Farm Name Fazenda Santa Izabel
Farmer/Rep. Nobletree Coffee Farms
Score 88.15
Altitude 1.105 m
Country Brazil
Year 2020
Size (30kg boxes) 11
City Ouro Fino/MG
Region Sul de Minas
Program Brazil 2020
Auction Cup of Excellence
Overall Juicy, Lingering
Aroma/Flavor Apricot (2), Bubblegum (2), Cherry (2), Cranberry (2), Dark Chocolate (2), Lemon (2), Liquor (2), Orange (2), Pineapple (2), Strawberry (2), Yellow apricot (2), Berry, Black Cherry, Brown Spice, Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Citrus Fruit, Cocoa Powder, creamy, Dried Dates, Dried Fruit, Fruity, Green Apple, Green Grape, Groselia, Guanabana, Guava, Hint of grape, Japanese pear, Jasmine, Lactic, Lemon & Lime, light juicy, Lilacs, lime zest, Mango, Maple Syrup, Milk Chocolate, Passion Fruit, Plum, Pomegranate, Sugary, Sweet floral, Tamarind, Tangerine, Tart, Tropical Fruit, Tutti frutti, violet
Acidity Citric Acid (2), Bright, Green, Malic Acid, Multiple fruit acid, Passion Fruit, Refreshing
Processing system Natural
Variety Obatã
Coffee Growing Area 125 ha
Farm Size 312,81 ha
Auction Lot Size (lbs.) 727.53 (357 kg)
Auction Lot Size (kg) 330 (150 kg)


We are auctioning off this coffee!

We only have 4 bags of 30 kg left, so if you are interested in Cup of Excellence coffee, then you should probably be quick on the paw. Send us a message here (it is forwarded automatically by SMS), or send an E-mail to

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