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Claudia Münch JustSweet in Europe - sorze4 AS
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11. September 2020
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6. November 2020
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Claudia Münch JustSweet in Europe

A little more competition, more variety than what we have in Norway. A Norwegian would say that when they see Claudia Münch JustSweet in the stores further south in Europe. Being the only one that is universal (can be used for all sugar used for), it obviously helps when the customer chooses a sugar alternative. Time is needed to make any product a consumer favorite. But it’s moving in that direction.

More for the money

If you only look at the price, our product is among the most expensive, but if you count for sweetness in relation to sugar, then the picture becomes completely different. A sweetener that is equivalent to sugar in sweetness and costs 7 EUR per 300 grams, will be the more expensive option when the cost of our product equivalent to 2.5 to 5 kg is the same. Still, it’s not so easy to see it right away, so there’s a job that has to be done.

In Eurospar and Megaspar

Spar is a grocery chain we also have in Norway. It is controlled by Norgesgruppen. We’re not there now, but further south in Europe they have larger stores and more customers. The positive thing is that there are more and more stores that can offer our product.

Corona (Covid) creates some problems for our marketing

When launching a product, it’s always a good idea to have a retail demo, but because of virus, we can’t do that now. So our main problem today is the virus. Sooner or later this problem will be history, and then we can promote the product in a better way.

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