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Claudia Münch Chocolate Drink - sorze4 AS
sorze4 på Anuga
We will be exhibiting at Anuga (Cologne), 5 – 9 Oct.
23. August 2019
sorze4 – Anuga
14. September 2019
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Claudia Münch Chocolate Drink

We modified our sugar-free chocolate drink for Brazil’s largest producer of chocolate drinks. It is full, a bit thick, even when mixed in skim milk. It tastes like it is with sugar, but has natural prebiotic sweetening from JustSweet.

With Norwegian skimmed milk powder

When you buy chocolate drinks in the store; Why buy one that must be mixed with liquid milk? It does not help to have chocolate powder in the kitchen closet if you do not have milk in the fridge! Therefore, for the retail store version, we will mix it with Norwegian skimmed milk powder, so that you get a tasty low calorie drink, very low on fat.

Without milk for vending machines

This product is already available for “vending machines” that brew coffee and chocolate drinks. Such machines often have a separate chamber for milk and therefore do not need the milk. If your machine does not have a chamber for milk you will still be able to use the retail version of our chocolate drink.

Contains JustSweet

This chocolate drink is sweetened with our natural prebiotic sweetener, Claudia Munch JustSweet.

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