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Best Brazilian coffee in 2021 - sorze4 AS
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22. October 2021
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11. November 2021
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Best Brazilian coffee in 2021

This year we had the honor of being judges in this year’s quality competition for coffee beans, for the Pinhal and Ouro Fino region in Minas Gerais. We were asked if we could make some video clips for the session. Norwegian is not particularly common in Brazil, so the comments are in English. We have made the video for the participants in Brazil who have received a subtitled version.

Highest quality we have ever received from Brazil

The winner has another SCA score close to 90. Maybe over. Although the one who came in for us as number 2 was also very good, over 88, there was a significant difference. What for us was the winner was a sweet coffee. had many exciting flavors. Notes of blueberries, papaya and mango. A uniform coffee. A “clean cup”

This year’s Christmas coffee does not come from Africa

It is often Kenyan for Christmas, but this year it will probably be Brazilian for many. You will be looking for a long time for an African coffee that matches the best from Brazil this year!

Thanks to Falcafe and Steve Olsen at Storm Kaffe

Thanks to our supplier over several years who has sent us coffee that is roasted from Svolvær in the north, to Kristiansand in the south. A special thank you to Steve at Storm Kaffe who assisted with his expertise during the cupping, Saturday 23 October.

Who became the official winner?

We will find out when the competition ends, October 29. Feel free to come back to see who won and who they are. If you want to order coffee beans, please get in touch. Those who buy from us know that we are extremely competitive when it comes to price. It is not without reason that coffee from sorze4 is available in all supermarkets and convenience stores (kiosks) in Norway. Sold as TINE iced coffee.


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