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20. September 2017
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20. September 2017

Coffee Bean Guru - Cafés do Brasil

The best of coffee beans from Brazil - Green or roasted gourmet

From Brazil

30 %

of the World's coffee

Coffee plantations



Grown on


million acres




This year's selected coffee from Brazil

From Varginha – The World’s Coffee Capital.

Single Origin – Not only from a place but from one and the same plantation!

Some of the coffee types we buy are so rare that there are only 300 bags. 70% of Brazil’s coffee plantations are less than 100 goals, limiting access to luxury coffee from selected plantations.

For 2017 we have chosen 2 types – Cereja and Bourbon Natural

Both are of Arabica type Bourbon and you may have seen Bourbon coffee in the store, but not like these two. Here the coffee brewing is also done in a very special way. Usually coffee is burned and the beans are cooled with water to stop the burning process quickly. Unfortunately, this coffee breaks down and after only 5 days one can notice a significant difference in the coffee.

Air cooled coffee

Our coffee is cooled with cold air.
Probably, you will not get air-cooled coffee, anywhere else. Air cooling gives a much better quality and if you put the roasted coffee beans in the the freezer, still after 2-3 years they will have the same quality as they were bought. You can’t do that with water cooled coffee, because it contains some water that will freeze.

This coffee will be available in our online store and at our dealers.